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Find cheap flights from Wuxi to Kuala Lumpur Airport


Find cheap flights from Wuxi to Kuala Lumpur Airport

Wuxi (WUX)
Kuala Lumpur Intl
Thu 29/10
Thu 5/11
Any month
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Top airline flying Wuxi to Kuala Lumpur Intl

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

China Southern
Overall score based on 5,521 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "timing is good. provide me enough time to do connecting flight from wuhan to jfk"
Cons: "check through from bangkok to jfk automaticlly. it would be so confusing if i didnt have help from flyer who knew how to connect flight. this was my first to wuhan airport. i had to lwait for my lugage then go thru custom for tempolary visit visa from custom then go check in myself and my lugage again at the airline counter. not convenient at all."

Pros: "Smooth transfer at CAN"
Cons: "Vegetarian food needs to be better. Tasteless food served. No options for vegetarian."

Pros: "Amazing service"
Cons: "The comfort of the seats and size"

Cons: "i had a hard time with their english, but it is better than my Chinese"

Pros: "Friendly crew, minimal English skills, just enough for business. Food was good"
Cons: "seats were a bit hard"

Pros: "The crew was courteous, efficient and spoke good English."
Cons: "Could use a bit more leg room for tall passengers (I'm 6ft). There was a slight delay de-planing since the crew needed to check each passenger off on a list. Not sure why."

Pros: "Never flew with China Southern before. Really excellent service."
Cons: "Need sweeteners for beverages besides sugar."

Pros: "Helpful staff both on ground and in the air"
Cons: "- The plane supposedly has free wifi :) :) :) but this is too good to be true. After a long and complicated procedure “all free wifi passes are gone, try again next time”. Someone said there are only 70 passes for the entire plane. - Similar experience with “free wifi” Guangzhou’s Bayun airport if you don’t have a Chinese simcard in your phone. - Navigating China Southern’s website for online check-in is a nightmare."

Cons: "It’s a very long flight and I had the unfortunate luck of getting a broken entertainment unit."

Cons: "Milk and sugar in the coffee."

Pros: "Na"
Cons: "The total unprofessional service/ way we have been treated. Never again I will fly with this company. 2 hours delay from Amsterdam for a unknown reason as their English is very poor. As we took off we shared our concern for our connection in Guangzhou, after managing to find someone able to speak and understand English (unbelievable on an international flight) we have been told that would be fine and eventually worst case scenario there is another flight during the day. When we arrived we have been told nothing (even though we shared our concern from the beginning, they didn’t care at all, connection from the same company), when we went out of the plane we ask a crew member in the exit corridor who replied like annoyed of the question that’s fine take next on the left and next on the right (more with gesture than with an English language) when we arrived after running at the transfer gate we asked about the connection to Sydney the first staff told us that the gate was already closed and it’s too late, we then asked what to do : go in this queue and didn’t want to speak anymore. When we arrived at the desk we have been told gate is closed, wait on the side we’ll see later, we asked when and have been replied later....after 30min we have been told that there is no other flight before the day after (same company, different speech...) and wait again....there is another flight the day after in the morning with 6 seats available only...for the rest we don’t know we have to check but it’s gonna be hard because it’s the high season : Unbelievable as we were 15-20 people in this situation...after a couple of hour we have been offered to travel via Vietnam with a stop of 9 extra hours before having another flight of 9hours if we didn’t accept this one they didn’t know... Never ever again with this company and this airport..."

Pros: "Loved the good space in seating. Really appreciated it. Mostly crew were friendly and eager to be helpful. The sudoku was the only entertainment I really wanted to use on this flight but it just refused to load. Didn't really matter as I had a good book with me and really enjoyed that."
Cons: "One stewardess seemed reluctant to help me with cabin baggage. No smiles. Didn't much like the 3 hour delay, especially as my waiting time was already 5 hours, however, I'm sure your were doing all you could to get us safely to our destination as quickly as possible. These things happen."

Pros: "Crew members are really nice and good service"
Cons: "Really bad food"

Pros: "I really liked the layout of the seats in Economy. Very comfortable. Didn’t seem like a huge crowded section, and very good service and movie selection. Also bathrooms were very clean. Food service also very good!"

Pros: "Flight attendants were helpful"
Cons: "My Baggage came on the next flight and not on the one i boarded which caused a lot of problems"

Pros: "I like food"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "I like it allow an adult passenger with 2 free checked baggages,each can be 23kg max."
Cons: "The Online service is only set for Chinese who is living in China. You can not do the Seat Reservation without Chines mobile phone. You can not do any pre check-in because you are holding an Australia Passport."

Pros: "We were a day late in arriving due to lack of assistance by China Southern to get us on our originally scheduled flight"

Pros: "entertainment system"
Cons: "Didnt work"

Pros: "on time"
Cons: "it is short distance, it is fine for myself"

Pros: "The service has improved a lot than previous years"
Cons: "Sometimes when the passengers asks for something they try to avoid saying it will be served after the meals or something. If someone asking for water, then they must try to serve as soon as possible without giving any excuse."

Cons: "Guangzhou airport transfer was uncomfortable expensive and won’t be traveling via this airport again"

Pros: "Quick"
Cons: "Okay"

Pros: "Fligths were on time"
Cons: "The entertainment system didint work on my seat, the crew on the fligth from China to Bangkok was not friendly, most of they were not smiling."

Pros: ""Nothing". I really mean it Nothing."
Cons: "I was flying to Delhi & it was an emergency situation for me bcz i lost my Dad & i was flying to perform the cremation of my Dad. And thing this was informed to the China Southern officials so that they could arrange something for me. I requested them to put me into another flight for which i was ready to pay the whole amount but no one listen to my request & i had to wait so long. I was amazed to see that no one was keen to understand my problem at both he airports i.e. Auckland Airport & Ganzhaou Airport. Apart from this the behavior of your officials was so rude & arrogant it made me feel as if i was a slave or some kind of culprit. Due to the ignorance & laid back attitude on your part i couldn't reach my destination on my time. Seriously it took me "24 hrs Extra" to reach my destination & as a result of which i couldn't perform the cremation. I was pissed off by the service; complete ignorance by the staff/officials of ur airlines. I wasn't expecting this kind of treatment from a reputed company like you. I request you guys to look into this matter seriously and try to take some corrective measures so that this thing won't happen in future with someone else."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Ground staff did not want to help me and refused to put me on this flight because they reffered to no transit visa, although I was legally allowed to get on the flight as I have just found out, but it is gone already. As a result all my consecutive flight were cancelled as no show. I tried to reach the airline help line, however due to Chinese New Year they don't work, so there was no way to solve this problem I am VERY dissapointed. Will take this case to the court if my money not refunded"

Pros: "Excellent pilot. Good skills. Steady take-off and landing."
Cons: "Food on board wasn’t nice at all. The quality of food should be improved and China Southern should take it seriously."

Pros: "Smaller plane, but more personal space."
Cons: "No entertainment available, but to be expected on shorter flights."

Pros: "One of crew lady was very rude. Lunch was bed , but movies were great!"
Cons: "Was comfortable flight, didn't late for first time. But disappointed with crew."

Pros: "Flight was cheap"
Cons: "Food was bad Old plane Delayed Terrible boarding processes Crew doesn’t know anything"

Pros: "leg room"
Cons: "No toiletry bag"

Pros: "Wonderful staff. We had a problem with our entertainment system and so they upgraded us to first class. Felt really valued."

Cons: "The food is always bad, and they didn’t allow use of electronics (phones, and they didn’t like me using my iPod I suppose because it looks like a phone?) on a 6 hr international flight when there was NO individual entertainment and no screens. What’s worse is I went into the bathroom right after a flight attendant and there was urine all over the seat! She either did it and left it, or she saw it and hovered over it, leaving it for the next person. Not classy."

Pros: "Good service."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The crew are nice."
Cons: "Customer service is worst, I called few times and stayed in the Line but nobody answered my call. And also, our flight was dalayed for few hours."

Pros: "This plane is by far more comfortable than the bigger plane we took from LA to Guangzhou"

Pros: "Food was delicious and leg room was decent. Good toiletries."
Cons: "Chairs could feel every kick, nudge and tapping on touchscreen. Not many snacks offered."

Pros: "Crew are always good on CS. Ontime pretty much too which is a blessing."
Cons: "Still the quality or food and beverage selection is below the standard of other airlines. Perhaps a small spend increase by the airline on the quality will offer big gains. Entertainment has actually gone backwards. I have been flying this airline for years and it was good ! Not now seats are a little uncomfortable with not much padding."

Cons: "Very good"

Pros: "Cheap and service was okay"
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable They lost my luggage."

Cons: "Transit process in Guangzhou Baiyun is very disappointing as we had to step down the staircase to the tarmac squeezed onto the bus that takes us around the airport to get drop off in another side of the airport, giving me very little time to run for my connecting flight. Airline also left my luggage in Guangzhou, so am yet to receive my luggage as per now."

Cons: "They didn’t have Wi-Fi on board"

Pros: "Friendliness of staff."
Cons: "Tired and outdated business class seats. Use of buses to take passengers to aircraft."

Pros: "Friendly cabin staff."
Cons: "Choice of movies was poor."

Pros: "Friendliness of Crew."
Cons: "Business class seats could do with an update. Entertainment - movie selection could with an update."

Pros: "Good staff"

Pros: "Very happy with the Crew and cleanliness of the Aircraft. Had an overall pleasant experience."
Cons: "Seats were quite uncomfortable and the entertainment could have been a little better."

Pros: "Good food, good entertainment tv."
Cons: "If the chairs at the back of the airplane had foot restit would have been a perfect flight"

Pros: "Movie selections."
Cons: "Delayed. Seats are too close together for a long haul."

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