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  • High season is considered to be January, February and December. The cheapest month to fly to Hainan is January.
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China EasternOverall score based on 6669 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "On time departure, good leg room, and comfortable seats"
Cons: "food"
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Pros: "On time departure, good leg room, and comfortable seats"
Cons: "food"
Pros: "We found an amazing deal for this flight. Overall it was good, service, entertainment, airline, etc... all was as expected."
Cons: "The flight was freezing. I wish there were some way to turn down the cold air."
Cons: "Lost luggage"
Pros: "My flight had plenty of leg-room and I was able to sleep for 2/3 of the 12 hou flight"
Cons: "The plane was on the cold side an I only packed for the tropics. None of the phone chargers in my row worked"
Cons: "The plane was almost unbearable hot for a 15 hour flight. It got to a point where I felt like I was almost suffocating. Eventually the air came on stronger bit that was lile 7 hours in."
Pros: "Crew worked hard in carrying out several meal and drink offerings. Seat had ample leg-room ( I am 6 ft tall)"
Pros: "Comfortable and all crews are nice"
Cons: "Entertainment but because of poor entertainment I could sleep for eight hours. Thank you."
Pros: "Quick boarding and take off."
Cons: "They kept the lights on the whole time and it was a 1AM flight so hard to rest. Plus the crew was loud during food service. Chaotic."
Cons: "Long walk with poor signage and needs multiple immigration and security checks even if you are just transiting"
Pros: "I appreciated that they provided two full meals as well as a sandwich. Flight attendants were also consistently walking the aisles offering water. The movie selection was great. I have a lot of cons written down, but tbh for the price I thought it was comparable with other (domestic) flights I've had."
Cons: "There was definitely someone(s) smoking on the plane - cigarette smoke would waft through the cabin intermittently. Free wi-fi should be made available. My seat wouldn't stay reclined, so I had to push down on it the whole time. I took a flight from JFK to Taipei with a long layover in Taipei. No significant delays, but the boarding process in both areas was unorganized; everybody just kind of lines up in a large mass. Boarding doesn't actually begin until like 5-10 min before the stated departure time, so actual departure is also pushed back. However, we ended up arriving around the stated time so I guess it doesn't really matter."
Pros: "cheap flight"
Cons: "Don't fly into Shanghai's airport."
Pros: "Comfortable seats, good food, good entertainment, nice staff"
Cons: "Shanghai airport, but not the airline's fault"
Pros: "See above........."
Cons: "See above................"
Cons: "We were two hours late bc the the crew decided to play musical chairs with the passengers. They seem to give preferential treatment to passengers they sat with, flirted with and laughed; reposting these passengers to first class or business. Meanwhile were extremely rude to foreign passengers and even got hands with some French passengers who could not understand the crew due to a language barrier. Overall flight was okay after we finally took off once the crew was finished with play time with their friends."
Pros: "Flew business class on their 777's to and from LAX/Shanghai. Unbeatable service at LAX where the gate agent escorted us through security onto the plane and on the ground in Shanghai and Beijing where ground personnel were on hand to help you make your connections. Great service in both economy and business class. (Domestic economy-full hot meal service with choice of entree!!) China Eastern will be my choice for travel to China."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Old plane lot of noise. Staff looked bored and not interested in working. Lazy Brits. People working hard were the expat. One is always better off with Mid East Airlines like Qatar."
Cons: "The seats were very old. The fabric was hangin off of them."
Pros: "I made the round trip reservations 3 months prior to flight; was excited to stay in Shanghai for 24 hours. Was told that I would be able to leave the airport in Shanghai with a 144 hour entrance visa there. The airline made a reservation for a hotel, taxi both ways and I could visit the city while there."
Cons: "Unfortunately, US tariff plans were made public 3 days before my flight and as a result when I checked in at the CEAir in SFO prior to flight was told I could NOT leave airport in Shanghai for the 24+ hour layover and hotel, taxi and sightseeing were not possible. As a result my flight was cancelled and I had to make reservations for the following day with China Airlines for a direct flight to Taipei, with a 3.5 hr layover and 4.5 hour flight to my destination in Depassar, Bali. The 1 way ticket was more expensive that the entire round trip flight SFO to Shanghai to Bali. Not pleased with the last minute change due to US policy intentions. Not my fault!"
Pros: "Cheap flight. We had a problem with our tickets on the flight there. The staff was very helpful and resolved issue promptly."
Cons: "Cheap flight - therefore we never got off directly at the terminal but had to be bused to and from the plane. Food was terrible. But then when is airline food good. It was a cheap flight that got me to my loved one. Spending 24 hours travelling is never fun. Next time I will look into business class."
Pros: "Service. Food. Entertainment"
Cons: "seats werent very comfy"
Cons: "NONE"
Cons: "The exit rows (with more room and responsibility) were all available yet no one was offered an upgrade or the option to change seats and the food options were limited if they were, in fact, even edible. Additionally, the beverage service was limited and sporadic, and the second meal offering was given maybe two hours prior to landing in a very rushed manner. Also, the intercom system for announcements is absolutely jarring with a great amount of static, so while absolutely a necessary system, it should be lowered to a less shocking decibel level."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed two hour and I still Waiting for my 2 lugages. I will never use this company again ."
Pros: "Prices was good, apart from that it was all very average."
Cons: "The crew weren't that friendly and it was really hard to understand announcements over the PA. The screens were ok but the sound was awful - it made everything almost unwatchable."
Pros: "The airplane is very comfortable, crew is super nice and food was really good"
Cons: "For the check in I was waiting for almost two hours in line and then the time was near to the departure time and it was quite frustrating not knowing if you’ll be miss your airplane."
Cons: "唯一遗憾的是我们不得不在飞机上等待一个多小时,因为没有停机位。还好乘务员服务良好,减轻了我们的抱怨和焦虑。 以后还会选择东航。谢谢。"
Pros: "Great price with decent service."
Cons: "Overall no complains."
Pros: "Food and crew very good in Biz Class."
Cons: "Seat do not go horizontal. Not very comfortable for sleep."
Pros: "The overall service from arrival in Shanghai to arrival in Taipei. Everyone was so helpful and I got good direction from staff because of my language barrier."
Cons: "Just the long wait at the airport but still it wasn't too bad."
Cons: "Flight was late by 2 hrs so I mussed my connection"
Cons: "The service on the plane"
Pros: "the crew were nice"
Cons: "Earbuds did not work. No sound on tv second flight was delayed. Caused me to miss another flight"
Pros: "There's only one type of red wine and they ran out."
Cons: "They have one tiny bar of soap in there restroom..."
Pros: "unlimited movies games and entertainment in headrest. food was good and hot portion was hot cold portion was cold. blanket and pillow available upon request. seats were comfertable."
Cons: "seating was close. was given a meal after an hour into flight and next meal was given ten hours later. this is unacceptable."
Pros: "boarding was good staff was nice`"
Cons: "food sucked ' lack of legroom"
Pros: "I got a flight"
Cons: "Everything else!"
Pros: "Many entertaining ways to kill time in flight."
Cons: "The food on the flight from SFO to Shanghai was not tasty at all. And when I was checking in during the return flight, they said me that my seat was not booked before and way behind, which was disappointing because I paid extra fee to book the seats on round trips right after I bought the tickets..."
Pros: "Comfortable seat, nice staff. Clean plane and boarding was easy."
Cons: "Only one meal option served. It was seafood, and the whole plane smelled. As per usual, the flight was delayed due to delays at Pudong Airport."
Pros: "Cabin crew were good and we took off on time for this leg."
Cons: "Chaos boarding. Everyone rushed for getting on plane, not sure why. Difficult to get up when person in front puts seat back."
Pros: "Very clean"
Cons: "I wanted water but the staff couldn't help."
Pros: "For the most part the flight was everything I hope it would be. No major complaints."
Cons: "Might flight was delayed by an hour, which was not too bad. We were kept waiting at the bottom of the stair, while standing on the runway at the plane. Were told flight was delayed do to wind, but we could see other flights taking off. Thought we were going to be taken back to the waiting area, but fortunately someone finally got the bright idea to let us just wait on board the plane. We all boarded and placed our carry on items overhead. Sat on the plane for about 40 minutes. Then an additional maybe 20 or 30 passengers boarded, who had not at the gate at boarding time. This was probably the REAL reason the flight was delayed."
Pros: "The food. The friendliness"
Cons: "Such a long flight. I needed to put my legs and feet up to decrease swelling and no place for that"
Pros: "Got an upgrade to a business class. Very attentive staff."
Pros: "Bad overall"
Cons: "No. Bags. For. Us."
Pros: "Everything- punctual departure and arrival. Food/drink was decent. Friendly crew members."
Cons: "No "personal" entertainment in international flight but it was only about two hour fight. So ok."
Cons: "The ticketing staff in Shanghai were very unhelpful in providing any courteous upgrade or voucher for our delayed flight and poor hotel accommodations. They also failed to inform the plane staff of my vegetarian request. The plane staff tried to accommodate by offering their own meals to me, or side dishes from the meat meals."
Pros: "My staff and crew in Chicago were very friendly and helpful. Once entering Pudong airport I had a very different experience."
Cons: "Upon arrival I had to exit the terminal, get my bags and proceed to recheck everything in. I have never had to do that before on a connecting flight and feel it would have made much more sense to give me both boarding tickets in Chicago. The line to re check in was extremely long and confusing. I was told at the counter due to the wait I missed my flight and would have to speak with a manager. When I waited again in line to speak with a manager they told me I didn't miss my flight and to go back to the end of the original line. After waiting again, and speaking with a very rude desk attendent, I waited at the gate an hour past our boarding time and at the last minute our gate was switched with very little warning. There was no information for the flights on the board and most of the time I wasn't even sure where my flight was located. When I spoke with the attendant she would just tell me "in a few minutes." This was before I waited the hour and then switched gates and waited another 45 minutes."
Pros: "The boarding went smooth"
Cons: "You need a transit visa to go from the lower level of the Shanghai terminal to the upper level for your transfer."
Cons: "Late."

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