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22 Jan — 29 Jan1
1 dewasa
Sabtu 22/1
Sabtu 29/1

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RM 859

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RM 622

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RM 425
Masa terbaik untuk mengelakkan orang ramai dengan penurunan harga purata 13%.
Masa paling popular untuk terbang dengan kenaikan harga purata 19%.
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Panduan Utama untuk Mencari Penerbangan Murah

  • Mencari penerbangan murah? 25% daripada pengguna kami menemui penerbangan pada laluan ini dengan harga RM 425 atau kurang daripadanya untuk sehala dan RM 622 atau kurang daripadanya untuk pergi balik.
  • Penerbangan termurah daripada Kuala Lumpur Intl ke Chennai terlah dijumpai 53 hari sebelum perlepasan, secara purata.
  • Buat tempahan sekurangnya 4 minggu sebelum perlepasan untuk mendapatkan harga kurang daripada biasa.
  • Musim puncak diketahui untuk menjadi pada bulan November, Disember dan Januari. Bulan termurah untuk terbang adalah April.
  • Perlepasan pada waktu pagi adalah lebih kurang 1% lebih mahal daripada penerbangan pada waktu petang, secara purata*.
*Purata harga-harga terendah yang dipamerkan dalam keputusan pencarian KAYAK bagi perlepasan dalam 30 hari akan datang

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5 syarikat penerbangan terbaik yang memberikan perkhidmatan bagi Kuala Lumpur Intl ke Chennai

Skor mengikut ulasan pelanggan KAYAK
Thai AirwaysSkor keseluruhan berdasarkan 2367 ulasan
8.2Menaiki pesawat
8.5Anak Kapal
Ulasan syarikat penerbangan
Kebaikan: "Flight attendant service is spot on, quick and most of all, very friendly!!"
Keburukan: "As for this particular flight, I wished they offered a premium economy class. It’s like your either rich or poor...economy or business class. To upgrade on this flight was $1850 each leg!!"
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Kebaikan: "Flight attendant service is spot on, quick and most of all, very friendly!!"
Keburukan: "As for this particular flight, I wished they offered a premium economy class. It’s like your either rich or poor...economy or business class. To upgrade on this flight was $1850 each leg!!"
Kebaikan: "Flying with Thai in Business Class is fantastic. I arrived relaxed in Bangkok. Kudos to the Thai crew."
Kebaikan: "The crew was the best I've ever seen! Went above and beyond to make our baby comfortable."
Keburukan: "Nothing, it was do thoughtful!"
Kebaikan: "Food was good. Wine was better."
Keburukan: "Couldn't get an aerobridge slot at BKK. Odd for the national carrier. Not great with bags, going down stairs, having to take a bus to the terminal."
Kebaikan: "- The check in and seating went smoothly. The sign w/ designated boarding seat numbers worked well. - Crew were helpful and professional."
Keburukan: "- Entertainment system may need to be upgraded. - Food was a hit and miss. Perhaps, providing more fruit rather than cake or pudding may help improve the experience."
Kebaikan: "Food was amazing"
Keburukan: "The WIFI"
Keburukan: "Passengers in front were very loud for a night flight and drinking, air crew didn't tell them to be quiet."
Kebaikan: "The seats were super comfortable and they had lots of new movies and tv shows for entertainment. Free alcoholic bevies too!"
Keburukan: "No veggie food on board :("
Kebaikan: "new plan and equipments are good"
Kebaikan: "Yes crew was very hosptile."
Kebaikan: "Crew was great, very polite and attentive."
Keburukan: "Give pillows to economy seat."
Kebaikan: "2 empty seats next to me"
Keburukan: "Nothing"
Kebaikan: "Food service on a one hour flight."
Keburukan: "Nothing."
Keburukan: "The food selection. Pre-Packaged and snack from Bangkok in business class is a bad idea"
Kebaikan: "Big flight Great seats Amazing entertainment system. iPad size. Very good food too."
Keburukan: "The flight always leaves later than schedule."
Kebaikan: "That we arrived"
Keburukan: "Late start, messy boarding, late arrival, got water spashed in mu face and the attendant didn't even apologize, full buses to go to the terminal an long wait for luggage. Quite poor. Also no entertainment, but that's usual on this flight."
Kebaikan: "New plane, nice. Entertainment system is good but limited selection"
Keburukan: "Gate very far away, a good 700 meter walk! And very long immigration queue."
Kebaikan: "The crew were faultless; looking after your every need - food choices in Business superb. And time for rest."
Kebaikan: "The dedicated check in area that led to its own screening and immigration"
Keburukan: "Food service was a little slow, not a good selection of movies"
Keburukan: "Very hard seats for a long haul flight and queues for the the toilets. Overall the planes looked old and tired."
Keburukan: "NAIA chaos"
Kebaikan: "All good except Manila Airport"
Keburukan: "NAIA Airport Imigration"
Kebaikan: "Overall, inflight service good except chief purser at the front of the aircraft rather arrogant. Others helpful, on delighting the a/c, ground staff helpful."
Keburukan: "All ok."
Kebaikan: "The flight was awesome, the food was delicious and the delay was shot"
Keburukan: "None"
Kebaikan: "Nothing! The plane left late and while waiting, the airco blastwd like a freezer. My feet and gands became numb and I got a terrible headache. Next, a chinese couple with a 1 year old toddler came to sit next to m: the child started wailing immediately and this lasted until 5 min before landing. It was like they had not a clue on how to handle a child and they had nothing to make it drink or suck or distract it. Worst flight in ages.."
Kebaikan: "Quality"
Kebaikan: "Four delays. 3 hours late. Rough landing."
Keburukan: "Crew was polite."
Keburukan: "Waited for at the domestic check in for 40 minutes only to be told to check in at int terminal!! Absolutely ridiculous set up!!"
Keburukan: "Everything"
Kebaikan: "Friendly crews."
Keburukan: "In-flight entertainment set not working."
Keburukan: "Being charged 5700baht on arrival check in for luggage. No mention of this as I booked through kayak!!!"
Kebaikan: "Cabin atmosphere. Staff attitude. Cleanliness and modern."
Keburukan: "Seat is not very comfortable. Too straight up."
Keburukan: "Over all"
Kebaikan: "According to the price, services was perfect"
Kebaikan: "Great carrier flown with all the others thai airways best!"
Keburukan: "Had to ask for blanket not on seat ready for use."
Keburukan: "no headphones or media available."
Keburukan: "Backpacks do not fit under the seat infront of you."
Kebaikan: "The staff were great but couldn't rectify the entertainment."
Keburukan: "No entertainment as the movie wouldn't play or watch anything else."
Keburukan: "I didn't have enough time to make my connection in Bangkok. I had to clear customs, collect my luggage, check my luggage back in and go back through security. I only made my next flight because I walked to the front of the line and cut in front of about 20 people. It was very stressful."
Kebaikan: "Comfort seat"
Kebaikan: "Business class service was great!"
Keburukan: "Problem accessing the wifi"
Keburukan: "Outdated Entertrainment system... btw, no entertainment system... safety video had so many hiccups, need to restart multiple times. First flight which did not have either Pepsi or Coke products. Only carbonated drink available is spirite.. very disappointed. Crew was not friendly.. Even when the wish for entry or say bye, attitude and face they make towards Indian looking people was very unacceptable."
Kebaikan: "Nice Crew , very professional and courteous. Pleasant with their service. Would recommend only once for tourism. Not for families travelling with children."
Keburukan: "Because the system of on arrival visa has been opened to Indian folks , entire plane was crowded with indecent , uncultured Men. Mostly drunkards who would not stop at couple of drinks. Added to their worst behavior was the airlines providing unlimited amount of Liquor that was being offered by the crew after the food was served, this was quite annoying and unexpected. Thai Airways Please stop serving Liquor for God's sake , especially for folks travelling from India (Only this route) or charge $100 THB for a drink, this would stop those free riders from messing up other tourists happy vacation."
Kebaikan: "Food was good"
Keburukan: "Crew were not patient or too helpful."
Kebaikan: "Excellent service throughout"
Keburukan: "Nothing"
Kebaikan: "Whole package very good"
Keburukan: "All good"
Kebaikan: "The included extras and polite staff."
Keburukan: "When the passenger in the seat in front of me reclined her seat it was almost impossible to keep watching the movie which while sar, shows as mainly a black screen and even changing the angle didn't assist"
Kebaikan: "Flight staff friendly and helpful"
Keburukan: "Long wait at checkout in. Slow."
Keburukan: "Unfortunately, the flight has Chinese tour groups. They are noisy and no manner. BTW, cabin crew handle them very well."
Kebaikan: "Forgot my tablet in the pocket of my seat on my flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu and didn't notice until I was packing to return 5 days later. When I checked in to return to Bangkok, they had me flagged in the system for a lost item. Not only did they have my tablet but everyone from the airline staff to airport security knew about the incident and was happy to get my tablet back to me."

I changed the flight, there was restriction from srilanka to india - airline is not allowing me to board with that ticket, i changed the ticket for my travel. Thanks!

Kebaikan: "Nothing"
Keburukan: "Need better training."
Keburukan: "Free internet"
Kebaikan: "Crews were nice"
Keburukan: "Better movies and free internet in flight"
Kebaikan: "Everything was great!"
Kebaikan: "Boarding"
Keburukan: "Foods were not good. Tray and seat was dirty. Sri Lanka should put in International passengers to good hotel and not shady slum hotel."
Kebaikan: "Flight attendant were amazing. My wife was not well and we ask for blanket. Cabin crew provided us with one."
Keburukan: "In flight food selection should have some variety for three hours flight. Should significantly improve Sri Lanka Lounge as the place was not the neat and clean, as it was run by one staff alone. Food in the lounge were sitting for hours and not freshly made."
Kebaikan: "Short flight"
Keburukan: "Coffee wasnt an option! The staff looked tired and bored."
Kebaikan: "Inflight Entertainment and seats."
Keburukan: "None"
Kebaikan: "Good seats with leg room."
Keburukan: "None"
Kebaikan: "Behavior of crew and food. The service was excellent. The flight was clean."
Kebaikan: "Good"
Kebaikan: "I have found Sri Lankan staff to be most friendly and accommodative."
Keburukan: "Airport (Guangzhou) very confusing...not fault of airlines; whoever designed the airport in GZ should go back to school Flight delayed 45 minutes"
Kebaikan: "The service and crew were excellent!"
Keburukan: "The seats weren’t very comfortable but overall the plane was very clean and again the service was impeccable."
Kebaikan: "Friendly crew and great food"
Keburukan: "Delay to take off"
Kebaikan: "Also perfect"
Kebaikan: "Perfect"
Keburukan: "Nothing"
Kebaikan: "Flight was delayed for 2 hours"
Keburukan: "Flight was delayed for 2 hours."
Keburukan: "The airline needs to work on the human touch(crew). I did not understand why the immigration were questioning foreign travels for no reason. Lastly can’t reach the customer care number always gets disconnected."
Kebaikan: "Nothing really stood out. Having a pillow and blanket for every seat is a plus."
Keburukan: "Plane wasn’t cleaned very well, trash in the seat back pocket. Was given a meal that wasn’t on the menu and was unedible. At the end of the flight they spray air freshener down the entire aisle which is very concentrated."
Keburukan: "No headphones on flight from Columbo to Gan Island"
Kebaikan: "Menu choices were surprisingly better than I thought. It had Western, Chinese and Indian vegetarian. Good work. Keep it up !"
Keburukan: "Part of the travel was delayed by 2 hours (SIN to COLOMBO) on 22 Dec 2017. Online check-in is bad. I cannot change the pre-selected seat because all shown taken. Must be handled at the counter. So what is the point to do online check-in."
Kebaikan: "Like fying in the dark ages. Our first leg crew did a great job and offered first person information about what not to miss on our tour. Pretty much everything else went from bad to worse!"
Keburukan: "Our bags got lost on arriving flight and in this day of advanced technology and airport security, no one could even tell “where” our two pieces of luggage was located for 4 days. Needless to say our one time trip to Sri Lanka didn’t happen the way we planned."
Kebaikan: "Crew are very polite. Fast response."
Keburukan: "Entertainment for movies no so much update."
Kebaikan: "Good service"
Keburukan: "The SriLankan transfer desk was difficult to find at AbuDhabi airport. Better signage is needed."
Kebaikan: "Leg room better in Economy than other flights"
Kebaikan: "Plane was not full, so I could lie down which was a great rest after such an early checkin in bangkok."
Keburukan: "A bit disorganised in Colombo, but all in all informations were gathered. The airline desk a bit unhelpful in not wanting to contact by phone the main airline desk for a question which forced me to walk all the way back, But no huge deal."
Keburukan: "Friendly and professional staff. Boarding process was smooth. Did not expect any refreshments for a 1 hour flight. What was given was not that good."
Kebaikan: "Super friendly and professional crew, clean airplane and great entertainment."
Keburukan: "The boarding in Colombo was typical for a lot of these airports I guess but I hate it. Go outside, cram in a bus, drive to the airplane and everyone fights to get in at once. Talking about an Airbus 330-300. Took an eternity to load"
Kebaikan: "The staff was super friendly and professional, the entertainment was great for such a short flight and I felt like the airplane was cleaner than normal."
Kebaikan: "1st time on Srilankan, it was good. Would fly again"
Keburukan: "The boarding pass checker at the gate was all grumpy! Do folks in South Asia lose anything if they smile and greet a passenger? Perhaps she hates her job?!"
Kebaikan: "the vegetarian food on the second flight Colombo to Bangkok was really nice, good taste, comforting."
Keburukan: "only two toilets, long queue"
Keburukan: "Quality of food has really gone down. Quite disappointing."
Kebaikan: "New aircraft from Cok - Colombo. Colombo-Doha was also good flight. Check-in and lounge at both Cok and Colombo were good"
Keburukan: "Colombo - Doha flight service was not good. Delay in serving food and drinks. Food menu need to update once in three months at least. Since last six months or more it is the same food menu. Same thing with the entertainment, movies need to be updated once in six months."
Kebaikan: "The food was good. The service was friendly. I enjoyed my flight"
Keburukan: "No entertainment for 3.5 hours flight from Colombo to Dhaka"
Kebaikan: "It was on time, good collection of movies."
Keburukan: "The menu was not good."
Kebaikan: "Perfect and impressed."
Keburukan: "Slow load of luggage.."
Kebaikan: "Poor food service"
Kebaikan: "The methodology for offering the meal is appreciable and the menu was delicious with good quality."
Keburukan: "I regret to state that there was no proper functioning of air conditioners at Colombo airport and during the taxi at the bus from Plane."
Kebaikan: "The staff, the entertainment, the food!!!!"
Kebaikan: "The food, the entertainment system and the seat"
Kebaikan: "Food was good, entertainment system also, and in economy class the seat was finally not that small."
Keburukan: "A small delay at departure du to late arrival of the plane."
Kebaikan: "Check-in was smooth. No preference to Oneworld traveller. Quick meals."
Keburukan: "Offered warm water in hot weather. No entertainment Unable to check-in online."
Kebaikan: "left on time, landed on time, no hassles"
Keburukan: "early departure meant VERY early trip to airport."
Kebaikan: "There was no entertainment as it was a short flight.had to report quite early in the morning because of airport renovation.otherwise the flight , journey and food were Good"
Keburukan: "Had to wait for one and half hours to get our luggage from the belt as all gulf transit passengers who checked in later than us got theirs first and since we checked in first our luggage came last.I had onward journey for eight hours by bus and with lack of sleep the previous day it was quite tiresome."
Kebaikan: "With airlines like Frontier & United in the U.S. providing such dismal service (in every aspect) it was truly a refreshing change! Took me back to the days when flying was luxury."
Kebaikan: "Nothing"
Keburukan: "Refusal to help when connecting flight late. Difficult to contact for help."
Kebaikan: "the ladies were beautiful in their saris, flight left on time, boarding was easy, lunch was decent and price was good. would fly again!"
Kebaikan: "Seat felt very uncomfortable and as though it was about to break! Very cramped."
Kebaikan: "Basically nothing"
Keburukan: "They should do announcements properly, and the crew attitude is awful."
Keburukan: "Extremely bumpy take off and landing. The pilot could do better."
Keburukan: "The website does not describe baggage allowance clearly as compared to other airlines. It lists “excess baggage weight” but not the 15kg limit. The choice of 15kg as the limit is a BIG problem for international travelers who may be coming for longer stays. Air India has a much friendlier policy for checked and carryon baggage and I would choose it by far. We were charged for every kilo even though prepay options online were not user friendly. 4 thumbs down, way down."
Kebaikan: "Did not take the flight as fell sick. Tried working with vayama and Turkish airlines to reschedule this return flight but quoted cost was higher than original price."
Keburukan: "An understanding and accommodation based on medical reasoning."
Keburukan: "The ground crew in Mumbai let on a very drunk group of men who became more and more problematic. Eventually they had to be removed which let to a further delay to an already delayed flight. Bad"
Kebaikan: "Budget Indian airline so was good. Good crew .Bus on and off tarmac , Basic food and paid for but fine. Good legroom in XL seats and std seemed ok too compared to some Australian airlines .Was on time so thats all that really mattered"
Keburukan: "No entertainment very bad seats no blanket when asked for"
Keburukan: "all ok"
Kebaikan: "No, not really, especially the boarding crew. Where was chaos and signs of lack of planning. Gate changed towards the end and sequential boarding wasn’t done properly."
Keburukan: "1. On time performance, flight started 1.5 hours late, 2. Boarding procedure was unplanned and the gate resembled a fish market."
Kebaikan: "On time schedule"
Keburukan: "Everything."
Kebaikan: "We arrived"
Keburukan: "The flight was an hour late on departure pushing the international flight timeline a bit too narrow."
Keburukan: "Very dismal performance.Copilot was missing in the last minute. incorrect baggage weighing scales.had to pay extra. Plane delayed by 4 hours almost missed my international connection. Very very stressful and unprofessional expression especially. Absolutely would not recommend this airline."
Kebaikan: "6E Prime was value for money. But food promised was not given as a part of it despite asking."
Keburukan: "Long delay in getting bags in Hyderabad. Turbulence in the air"
Keburukan: "Flight 6E 188 to Chennai supposed to leave at 6.20 AM got cancelled by airliner. Lot of discomforts faced. Indigo should pay me penalties to me by three times the charge."
Kebaikan: "Promptness and efficient management of time. Nice staff!"
Keburukan: "The food is too ready-made and processed. They incorrectly market it as fresh. They need to have better and genuine food"
Keburukan: "Waited close to an hour for collecting baggage at the terminal"
Keburukan: "Could have been on time"
Keburukan: "Legspace for passengers"
Keburukan: "Flight was on time. Crew were professional."
Kebaikan: "Crew was friendly and caring towarda a patient."
Keburukan: "Delayed by 30 mints"
Kebaikan: "Nothing"
Keburukan: "Checkin staff was very rude and had pathetic attitude"
Keburukan: "Food variety"
Kebaikan: "The crew is very good. Best behaviour. Arrive before main time. Seat os comfortable."
Keburukan: "Service facility is very good. I like IndiGo crew members & their behaviour."
Kebaikan: "On time"
Keburukan: "People requesting to switch seats"
Kebaikan: "Ok time"
Kebaikan: "Crew was professional and the plane was very clean"
Keburukan: "The seats are very weak and anyone touching on the backside would feel as if they are directly touching you."
Kebaikan: "Clean comfy seats Attentive and polite staff"
Keburukan: "Very delayed. Refreshments were offered after we had already bought them ourselves!"
Kebaikan: "Reached before time!"
Keburukan: "Promises free meal was not provided in lounge- reason cited no mail communication received from indigo"
Kebaikan: "Indigo flight time to time சூப்பரா இருக்கு"
Kebaikan: "Everything"
Kebaikan: "On time and before time"
Keburukan: "The plane was full of mosquitoes. The crew had not heard of mosquito repellant, and were unable to do anything to help passengers."
Keburukan: "Attitude"
Keburukan: "Attitude"
Kebaikan: "Plane boarded quickly and left right on time. Very comfortable and smooth flight. We were surprised that our luggage arrived before we got to baggage claim."
Keburukan: "Web check in didn't email boarding passes to the correct email."
Keburukan: "Flight missed & the passenger is traveling through bus from Bom to Hyd. Very Poor Service. Very disappointed. ☹️"
Kebaikan: "Kayak service is not good"
Kebaikan: "Smooth checkin and seating"
Keburukan: "Security forgot to stamp one of my bags so hand to dash back again"
Keburukan: "WE HAVE BEEN RUSH TO TAKE AN EARLY FLIGHT FROM vns TO del , Staff is helpful , but it kind of not clearly something about luggage cost. but everything over all look good. Thank you."
Kebaikan: "Cabin temp was too warm. It should be set at 23/24 to keep people comfortable not 28."
Keburukan: "Heat"
Keburukan: "Arrive Chennai after 26 hrs of two flights. Not clear need totransfer to nearby domestic terminal, nor how to get there. Kayak didn't inform me of how to claim my eticket which they had booked thru 3rd party "Kiwi" in Brno, using a credit card number not my own. Had to show my pre printed invoice to claim my "E"-ticket. Stress-inducing, not relaxing, but not a catastrophy."
Kebaikan: "Everything except that the veg sandwich finished out of stock & myself being a diabetic started having hypo (Low blood sugar). Luckily I had my glucose tablets."
Keburukan: "Food out of stock"
Keburukan: "i arrived with 45 mins as requested. Their staff an utter shambles that I feared I miss flight. By that time they said too late (even tho I had time but they didn’t know what they were doing) had to pay an extra £60!!! For their bad management and wait extra 4 hrs!"
Kebaikan: "Flight was on time."
Keburukan: "Nothing"
Kebaikan: "Nothing"
Keburukan: "Boarding was a mess, aircraft not ready, waited in the bus. Food service was horribly slow. On row 5, took 45 minutes to get a glass of water. Leading aborted close to runway, took of again before touchdown at Chennai, then turned around and landed safely after 15 minutes. No explanation by the crew."
Kebaikan: "Honestly nothing"
Keburukan: "This is the worst airline i have ever traveled. Indigo change their flight times many times and they canceled the flight twice hence i will never book this flight in future"
Kebaikan: "Yes"
Keburukan: "Vegetarian Food need to Improved."
Keburukan: "Business class in 737 is limited, recline only but seat was spacious and comfortable"
Kebaikan: "Ok"
Keburukan: "No"
Kebaikan: "easy securityand boarding at kl"
Keburukan: "food bland"
Keburukan: "Connecting Time"
Kebaikan: "New plane and spacious."
Keburukan: "No choice in meal for breakfast. Only one type available. Ran out of red wine. White wine wasn’t chilled. Poor service, no water was offered on a long flight. Have to ask it."
Kebaikan: "Everything. Just a simple, very short haul flight: nothing too complicated."
Keburukan: "There was nothing to fault."
Kebaikan: "The seat I got was certainly comfortable enough."
Keburukan: "The staff was not enough particular in delivering appropriate food to correct people. In flight KL to Auckland, vegan food was served when Indian vegetarian food was requested. Long queues at boarding in KL."
Keburukan: "Ok flight but so cold on board"
Kebaikan: "Food"
Keburukan: "Temperature was very low."
Kebaikan: "comfort and entertainment"
Keburukan: "Crew"
Kebaikan: "The regular plane was swapped out for the A380"
Keburukan: "The boarding process from at Langkawi airport could have been better if more staff are to deploy to do the processing.As the que is not in one line, it could create misunderstanding among other passengers."
Keburukan: "The queue to board the plane was very long due to the fact that there was only one person doing the check-in. It will make things more pleasant if they have two people instead of one person."
Kebaikan: "Avoiding the huge queues (lines) in Asian airports is worth gold. Bz class travel on the KUL-BKK sector on Malaysian isn’t great but avoiding the queues at both ends makes it all worth it"
Keburukan: "Cabin crew were unprofessional and not much caring Food was rubbish"
Kebaikan: "Almost everything"
Keburukan: "Nothing i can think of"
Kebaikan: "On time departure, clean aircraft, generally friendly staff/crew."
Keburukan: "Breakfast - woken 2 hours before landing, very sorry version of "breakfast" was at best aweful only to then have lights turned off again after service completed."
Kebaikan: "Not much. Probably only the check in from.Phnom Penh. Haha checked through to Melb"
Keburukan: "Couldn't check in online to secure reserved preferred seat section. No boarding passes printed on long haul section. Fight delayed, arrival delayed. No terminal parking for aircraft, which meant catching a bus to terminal. Not impressed at all. Why bother with frequent flyer class if it's not going to apply at all as business flyers."
Kebaikan: "The plane was nice and new. Very smooth flight."
Keburukan: "Toilets could have been cleaned more frequently."
Keburukan: "Bags didn't arrive at the destination"
Kebaikan: "Good service and timely operation"
Keburukan: "Nothing"
Kebaikan: "Crew was good"
Keburukan: "Food is not good"
Kebaikan: "Plane (A380)"
Keburukan: "Limited choice menu, some minor malfunctioning seats & screens"
Kebaikan: "Gate area was good, boarding quick and arrived on time. Crew very pleasant."
Keburukan: "Poor quality food especially the breakfast "snack". Unable to take water on board and tiny serves of water and other drinks left us dehydrated. Far too many ads at the start of entertainmen. Repeated for each selection."
Kebaikan: "Flight was on time - to the detriment of my late connecting MAS flight from DAR"
Keburukan: "Food was okay but entertainment was non existent"
Kebaikan: "1) Not to squashy and more spacious than I thought. 2) The interior of aircraft seemed reasonably modern and up-to-date rather than old and miserable with stained seats and carpets. 3) the in-flight entertainment was better than I thought"
Keburukan: "I tried the seafood pasta and it was horrible!"
Kebaikan: "Fodo was great."
Keburukan: "No entertainment system"
Kebaikan: "Nothing"
Keburukan: "Lost baggage took 24 hours to arrive. Rude staff."
Kebaikan: "Yeah it's fine journey and we love to travel in Malaysia airlines And last but not least it's nice journey"
Keburukan: "Nothing"
Keburukan: "No alcohol"
Kebaikan: "There was nothing positive about the experience on this flight. With exit row seats had to stow luggage back in overhead holds which meant having to go back on landing, retrieve bag & for get way back to seat. Not Airlines fault but no gantry available on arrival. Up and down runway until available (20min) before we could exit."
Keburukan: "Fact that once again confirmed seating was changed from original booking. Extremely frustrating. Slight delay on take off. Had exit row seats."
Kebaikan: "Whilst I realise this is an Asian airline the warm roll was very doughy & tasteless & the breakfast wasn't at all good."
Keburukan: "The warm roll was doughy & tasteless & the breakfast choice was not good at all. Would suggest a yoghurt & cereal option for non Asians."
Kebaikan: "I liked the crew, very polite and helpful."
Keburukan: "There then was a delay of 3 hours in Kuala Lumpur, which made the already long trip very endless."
Kebaikan: "Nothing"
Keburukan: "Two hour in late and still waiting for boarding. Awful experience..."
Keburukan: "Flight networkintl booked our tickets very late later mistake in name , faces lot of difficulties in boarding every time..."
Keburukan: "Crew Service is horrible. They get angry very easily."
Kebaikan: "my family and I flew one way Singapore to London (15 hours 1 hour stopover in KL) for $1600 (all 4) Singapore Airlines or BA were $1800 per person. they are nicer airlines but not $5600 better. Airbus A380 was a bit tired but service was good. pretty painless trip all in all"
Keburukan: "Seats feel super cramped"
Kebaikan: "Food so-so. Cabin crew friendly and helpful. IFE was easy to use but film choices were quite limited."
Keburukan: "Lousy configuration in business class requiring you to clamber over other sleeping passengers to get to the loo. A380 really showing its age. Toilets not well-maintained, toilet rolls not replaced."
Kebaikan: "Flight was smooth. Cabin crew was courteous. Seat was comfortable."
Keburukan: "More thought should be given to the snack offering as it was heavily sugar laden. Flight was delayed by almost an hour to accommodate 1 family."
Kebaikan: "Flight was full ...so felt cramped. Towards back of plane so only 1 toilet. The Veg pie was slightly warm and unappetising , took 1 bite and left rest. Steward saw this and gave me extra peanuts instead. The brekkie was awfulll, the supposed scrambled eggs was congealed into the shape of the holder and again lukewarm the grilled tomatoe looked washed out....unappetiising...so ate the squahed croissant , yoghurt and fruit. What happened to international food standards . Crew was nice...though if wanted water later on had to get yourself.They didn't come around much offering water before Brekkie. No game option eg Sudoku on Entertainment site. My bag come off carousel more scratched than with other Airlines, so poor handling. Disembarked by stairs at Sydney Airport near Cargo plane area and had bus to Airport. Never had that before on an International flight , so took much longer to get into terminal....last thing you want after a long flight."
Kebaikan: "Crew was efficient and polite in Business class. Lie flat seats were fantastic and cabin layout was great."
Keburukan: "Lack of movies compared to other carriers. Lack of food choices. Would have thought there be more local cuisine included especially for a flight emanating out of KL. Check-in at KLIA was pretty dismal in terms of the process - simply had no idea where to go even though I was in Business class."
Kebaikan: "The food was nice."
Keburukan: "Nothing special on this flight. Entertainment system didn't actually work at the beginning for everyone on board and had to be rebooted. you would think everything would be thoroughly checked prior to a flight. It started to work about an hour later into the flight."
Keburukan: "Second flight in a row for a one hour flight and we are delayed one hour. Better just go with a low cost airline then"
Kebaikan: "Nothing in particular."
Keburukan: "Nothing in particular."
Keburukan: "freezing and small blankets"
Kebaikan: "Flights seat is comfortable"
Keburukan: "Delay and boarding at very last minute."
Kebaikan: "Everything"
Keburukan: "Nothing"
Kebaikan: "Nasi lemak breakfast was good."
Keburukan: "My entertainment unit didn't work, despite repeated reboots. We left 45 minutes late. The crew seem very disorganised, and kept forgetting requests."
Kebaikan: "Quick flight"
Keburukan: "Water should be free"
Kebaikan: "Food"
Keburukan: "I was sold an empty Marshall 111 box in a sealed Duty Free bag or 136 USD. COMPLAINED WHEN DISCOVER AT HOME THAT NIGHT. SINCE THEN GIVEN THE RUN AROUND"
Kebaikan: "Flight was good. Left a little late still arrived on time. I was traveling with one extra bag. 18 kilos. Cost at counter was $150.00. (Ouch) Anyway after paying the extra bag fee I went there office in the airport and purchased the same extra bag for my return flight for $28.00. Nice flight but make sure you purchase ample baggage when booking your flight."
Keburukan: "The flight can’t even provide a plastic bag for me to pack my pre order meal."
Kebaikan: "The price is very affordable and flight was very good in take off and landing."
Keburukan: "Seats was very tight and uncomfortable!!!"
Kebaikan: "Flight was v smooth"
Keburukan: "Lazy crew"
Keburukan: "Food"
Kebaikan: "Ontime"
Keburukan: "Flight attendant quite slow for delivering food and not many selection food available as usual"
Kebaikan: "Price. Number of flights."
Keburukan: "The 7kg hardline AFTER doing the document check nearly caused me to miss my flight thus potentially missing a connection. If AsiAsia are going to keep to this 7kg hardline they really need to do it across all airports and do it during the document check so the number of queues costumers are subjected to are minimized. I did purchase extra weight when purchasing the ticket however that weight MUST be in checked bags only. No margin here for discussion. Perhaps HotSeat passengers are less scrutinized??? This all may be just some transitional pains here and other airlines may follow the same model but in my 200+ flights on Nok Air this has NEVER happened. In fact, they (Nok) have NEVER weighed my carry on bag. Such a shame as the rest of the flight experience was above average. This hardline approach will be an issue if they continue until they beat their customers into taking or leaving it in my opinion. First AirAsia flight for me so the vets reading this will be smiling quietly to themselves ;-)"
Keburukan: "Book it trought kiwi and bought a suitcase of 20 k and air Asia say that it was not in my booking so I had to pay again."
Kebaikan: "All ok, seriously,stewardesses look great and very charming with her uniforms, very friendly staff"
Kebaikan: "Everything was smooth"
Keburukan: "Unable to use airasia app for e-boarding"
Kebaikan: "This is now our airline of choice between KL and Singapore and the next time we fly to Australia we will try flying with Air Asia. It was a very short flight so entertainment was not provided, and we were perfectly happy with that. Very reasonable fare. All staff were charming and very helpful. Highly recommend."
Keburukan: "Flight delay for almost 4 hour"
Kebaikan: "Price"
Keburukan: "All ok"
Kebaikan: "Clean aircraft"
Keburukan: "Two flights in a row behind schedule ; messed up my vegetarian pre ordered food selections in both flights"
Keburukan: "delayed"
Kebaikan: "定時運行できたこと"
Keburukan: "シートピッチが狭く窮屈"
Kebaikan: "Overall in flight experience quite good."
Keburukan: "Flight Delayed twice for boarding to and come BKK. Abit disappointed for not time. As.it ruined my initial planning and wasted so valuable time to visit new exploring place in bkk."
Kebaikan: "He flight boarded on tkme"
Keburukan: "The flight sat on the runway for ages and there was no explanation as to why we took off and landed so late."
Kebaikan: "nothing to say."
Keburukan: "only food that i received the rice i think didn't cooked properly"
Keburukan: "Flight was delayed"
Kebaikan: "On time boarding ...very efficient"
Keburukan: "Offer same type of value food...even worst tasteless"
Kebaikan: "Cheap"
Keburukan: "They make you pay for water...WATER"
Keburukan: "Seating is very uncomfortable."
Kebaikan: "The aircraf was brand new"
Keburukan: "Delay"
Kebaikan: "The plane didn't crash."
Keburukan: "Boarding was late and terribly disorganized - just a person yelling row numbers who could barely be heard. The airline makes you pay for water, which is simply inhuman - at least cattle in transport are given free water from time to time. It was a five-hour flight at night but we couldn't put the seats back to relax - the exit row was behind us and they've got the seats crammed in so tight together that they don't give the exit row any extra room to accommodate this, like most airlines. There are ads plastered all over the storage compartments. Recorded announcements threatened us with dire consequences if we stole the life vests (is that a thing people do?!). Everything looks cruddy, dingy and old. It feels like a cheap city bus, but in the air. At the end of the flight the crew walked through fumigating the cabin with spray cans of who-the-hell-knows-what and we had to breathe THAT in. We won't even consider Air Asia again unless there are literally no other possible choices. Just awful."
Keburukan: "Crew was not helpful"
Keburukan: "Delay"
Kebaikan: "Efficient service & great crew"
Kebaikan: "Politeness of the crew. Welcoming you with a smile"
Keburukan: "Delay. So many delay"
Keburukan: "Delay for 1 hour"
Kebaikan: "Almost on all regional flghts i had to pay as much for my luggage as for my ticket."
Keburukan: "Luggage scheme."
Keburukan: "More than 3h late, no information, gate close (we had to wait in the corridor), nothing to drink during the flight. And I had to pay 80RM just to travel with my umbrella,"
Kebaikan: "The crew were very pleasant... they were efficient and organised, modern, smart and 'on it' when necessary. I didn't eat as flights were short... no entertainment although they do have Rokki wifi to watch stuff on phones and tablets... I didn't bother though. Boarding was slick... time lost due to late departure was largely recovered in flight... Aircraft was clean and comfortable. Will definitely use as my airline of choice when travelling in the area..."
Keburukan: "Too hot - needed cooler air"
Kebaikan: "Getting off"
Keburukan: "No entertainment at all, sat on the back row the toilet smelt pretty bad and I had very little leg room, when the guy in front reclined his chair I had to stand up. Prices for food and drink were pretty good."
Keburukan: "Delayed"
Kebaikan: "Boarding quickly when plane finally arrived"
Keburukan: "The reader board still said planned departure at wrong gate. When asked the staff said they "tried" to change it. Additional full security check before gate left all anxious and some panicked about making the flight. Add on charges- ticket no longer budget. Will avoid AirAsia in the future."
Kebaikan: "Like food and nice crew"
Keburukan: "Always worry delay"
Kebaikan: "Cheap"
Keburukan: "Delay delay"
Kebaikan: "wifi. while boarding staff try to sort us with seats numbers, good, but the procedure should be improved. friendly staff."
Keburukan: "boarding was delayed till last minutes before takeoff. no meal included in ticket (ok, it's a lowcoster)."
Kebaikan: "I like the organized way they did the boarding. Less chaotic and allow passengers ample time to board the plane"
Kebaikan: "Had to book with Airasia since its fares were lower compared to the others."
Keburukan: "Delays delays delays"
Kebaikan: "Flight is not so full"
Keburukan: "So far so good"
Kebaikan: "Low cost"
Keburukan: "We paid a small fortune for the couple of kilograms we were over our 15kg allowance."
Kebaikan: "On time Arrived early"
Keburukan: "All ok"
Kebaikan: "We got to the destination."
Keburukan: "-fee to check bags -changed gate without updating status board and delayed boarding -though none could be found, cabin smelt like vomit -no food included, charged money for water. Yes, water. -constant (and unnecessary) updates on PA system -often attempted to sell AirAsia branded paraphernalia during flight while everyone was trying to sleep -sprayed an unknown substance into the cabin to "sanitize" just before we landed (insecticide?!). We were given a warning literally 10 seconds before they sprayed it."
Kebaikan: "Take off and landing was smooth."
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tanpa hentiAirAsia
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RM 996
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tanpa hentiMalaysia Airlines
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tanpa hentiMalaysia Airlines
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1 hentianSriLankan Airlines
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1 hentianThai Airways
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1 hentianThai Airways
8j 35mMAA-KUL
RM 1,540
1 hentianThai Airways
13j 11mKUL-MAA
1 hentianThai Airways
8j 35mMAA-KUL
RM 1,545
2 hentianSriLankan Airlines
22j 15mKUL-MAA
2 hentianSriLankan Airlines
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tanpa hentiAirAsia
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1 hentianSriLankan Airlines
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1 hentianSriLankan Airlines
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RM 858
2 hentianSriLankan Airlines
15j 15mKUL-MAA
RM 887
tanpa hentiIndiGo
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1 hentianMulti-Syarikat Penerbangan
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1 hentianIndiGo
22j 40mKUL-MAA
RM 938
3 hentianMulti-Syarikat Penerbangan
24j 40mKUL-MAA
RM 967
1 hentianThai Airways
13j 11mKUL-MAA
RM 1,034

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Penerbangan Kuala Lumpur Intl - Chennai


Kuala Lumpur Intl (KUL)Malaysia


Chennai (MAA)India

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Chennai - Kuala Lumpur Intl

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