Cari penerbangan murah dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi


Cari penerbangan murah dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi

Buat pencarian di ratusan laman perjalanan pada satu masa untuk tawaran bagi penerbangan ke Langkawi

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Johor Bahru (JHB)
Jum 23/7
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Musim rendah

AprilMasa terbaik untuk mengelakkan orang ramai dengan penurunan harga purata 27%.

Musim puncak

DisemberMasa paling popular untuk terbang dengan kenaikan harga purata 23%.

Harga purata perjalanan pergi-balik

RM 318(harga purata sepanjang 2 minggu lalu)

Tawaran baik perjalanan pergi-balik

RM 234atau kurang

Tawaran baik perjalanan sehala

RM 117atau kurang

Masa untuk menempah penerbangan dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi

Anggaran harga pergi balik
Harga purata setiap bulan
Harga penerbangan mendekati tarikh perjalanan

Panduan Utama untuk Mencari Penerbangan Murah

  • Mencari penerbangan murah? 25% daripada pengguna kami menemui penerbangan pada laluan ini dengan harga RM 117 atau kurang daripadanya untuk sehala dan RM 234 atau kurang daripadanya untuk pergi balik.
  • Penerbangan termurah daripada Johor Bahru ke Langkawi terlah dijumpai 49 hari sebelum perlepasan, secara purata.
  • Buat tempahan sekurangnya 5 minggu sebelum perlepasan untuk mendapatkan harga kurang daripada biasa.
  • Musim puncak diketahui untuk menjadi pada bulan November, Disember dan Januari. Bulan termurah untuk terbang adalah April.

Soalan lazim untuk menempah penerbangan dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi

Berepa lamakah penerbangan dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi mengambil masa?

Syarikat penerbangan yang manakah yang menyediakan penerbangan paling murah dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi?

Ke lapangan terbang manakah yang akan saya pergi untuk menaiki penerbangan dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi?

Bagaimanakah KAYAK mencari harga yang begitu rendah bagi penerbangan dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi?

Bagaimanakah alat Ramalan Harga penerbangan KAYAK membantu saya memilih masa yang sesuai untuk membeli tiket penerbangan saya dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi?

Apakah pilihan KAYAK Mix bagi penerbangan dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi?

Apakah ciri "tarikh fleksibel" dan apa yang harus saya ketahui apabila mencari penerbangan dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi?

Syarikat-syarikat penerbangan terbaik yang membuat penerbangan Johor Bahru Sultan Ismail Intl ke Langkawi

Skor mengikut ulasan pelanggan KAYAK

Malaysia Airlines
Skor keseluruhan berdasarkan 1,532 ulasan
Menaiki pesawat
Anak Kapal
Ulasan syarikat penerbangan

Kekurangan: "Food need to be improved"

Kelebihan: "Comfort"

Kelebihan: "ok"

Kelebihan: "Boarding was easy even though it started late, it was organized. Once I got on the plane I wasn't waiting a long time to get to my seat because they seated the people sitting in the back of the plane first. There is a huge selection of movies, tv shows, and music."
Kekurangan: "They have 2 food options and they're just ok. There wasn't very many drink options either."

Kelebihan: "Airport, sea side"
Kekurangan: "Nothing"

Kelebihan: "The Malaysia Airlines crew hospitality is world wide known and I experienced it myself during this flight"
Kekurangan: "I sit in 2K of A350-900. Though it is known as a throne seat, there is an error on the installation of this seat. The foot rest that comes up and supposedly joined with the ottoman to make up the flat bed is too long so this seat never can actually go to full 180 degree mode."

Kelebihan: "Luggage allowance."

Kekurangan: "Better treatment of luggage. Better business class service. Food was poor."

Kekurangan: "Frustrated"

Kelebihan: "Everything was good about this flight"
Kekurangan: "They need to have at least 5 to 10 vegetarian meal on board."

Kelebihan: "Boarding was organized"
Kekurangan: "Vegetarian food wasn’t great"

Kekurangan: "lost my luggage. after they found it, they took a week to deliver. no response to my claim for compensation"

Kelebihan: "Price were amongst the cheapest"
Kekurangan: "Terrible cabin cleaness and rude crew members. Nothing matches the Malaysian hospitality promoted."

Kekurangan: "Flight delay announcement could have been made much earlier"

Kekurangan: "The KUL to DPS leg was on one of the oldest planes I’ve flown. A 737 with no seat back screens. They handed out 2 inch thick “tablets” in Business class, with no touch screen and only a handful of 10 year old movies."

Kelebihan: "crew provided attentive and excellent service. Good food and beverage."
Kekurangan: "cabin, seats and table cleanliness need to be improved. decline angle of seat and foot rest angle so limit."

Kelebihan: "All of the ground staffs at Johor Bahru provided attentive and observant service. Cabin crew greeted with pleasant smile, friendly and provided excellent service."
Kekurangan: "maintenance work not manage well"

Kelebihan: "Amazing plane, latest technology, great customer service, clean bathrooms at all time. It was a 5 star experience, friendly hostess’s and friendly & helpful staff"

Kekurangan: "The food"

Kekurangan: "No onboard entertainment"

Kelebihan: "Everything. Just a simple, very short haul flight: nothing too complicated."
Kekurangan: "There was nothing to fault."

Kekurangan: "He is cheating telling normal taxi cant for two adualt and three chalidren to buy taket for double price for min bus or van , that person in charge is laieing and not respecting i hope to take acsing because they are the face of malysia visitor and i think no boday will except cheating even for one ringet . If need any details for the person can contact me."

Kekurangan: "Ok flight but so cold on board"

Kekurangan: "Quick transfer"

Kelebihan: "Web checkin and Baggage Drop were precise which saved time. Few passengers do not matter these two (2) important features but this is efficiency to a minimum!"
Kekurangan: "None"

Kelebihan: "The cabin crew."
Kekurangan: "Again, incorrect information of boarding gate."

Kelebihan: "There were choices of foods. I really liked the fact that they considered Korean natives as they gave kimchi together with their dishes. Attendants were polite and kind. 30kg allowance is a great merit too."
Kekurangan: "Frequent delays in flights and changes in timings. There were many passengers and it's quite hard to carry my carrier through the alley. The foods may be in variety but did not taste very nice."

Kekurangan: "Worst food ever."

Kelebihan: "Friendly and helpful crew"
Kekurangan: "food was horrible"

Kelebihan: "Not enough elbow space between fat passengers"

Kelebihan: "Excellent food and crew"
Kekurangan: "Seats rather basic for business class"

Kekurangan: "My checked bag did not arrive at my work city of Singapore. It took 2 days to be brought to my hotel despite my being told they would be on the next flight. I arrived back in Denpasar yesterday and, again, my bags are lost and I again I was told they would be on the next flight. I still do not have my bag. Seems to be a pattern with Malaysian Airways and I will avoid them in the future, Also, I left my Ipad plugged in at the Premier Lounge in Denpasar and realized it as I was boarding the plane. The Malaysian Air boarding staff got on radios and appeared to try to help by telling them to put aside for pick up upon my return. Yesterday, The Premiere lounge said they did not have it despite my name, email and phone number being written on the Ipad. Between Malaysian Air and the Lounge and their lack of concern and professionalism it was not a good trip. As One World Emerald member, I steer a lot of business towards these One World Airlines. I expect better treatment."

Kelebihan: "On time flight"

Kelebihan: "The early arrival, and the service"
Kekurangan: "Nothing really"

Kelebihan: "A mediocre flight is better than an awful one? At least we *had* an entertainment unit. And there was a USB outlet so phones/ipads could remain charged throughout the flight."
Kekurangan: "Mine was a cramped experience in an old airplane, sadly normal for the industry. Food was bad. Entertainment unit was one of those press-the-screen-and-maybe-10-seconds-later-it'll-react types. Crew wasn't very communicative about what each cart rolling down the isle was for. Not a terrible experience, just not particularly good."

Kelebihan: "I like having my knees up in my eyeballs on a plane and having to be pried out of my seat with the jaws of life at the conclusion of a flight."
Kekurangan: "Flight was 3 hours late!"

Kelebihan: "The staff were helpful, well trained, and friendly."
Kekurangan: "The on-line check in (which their email says is mandatory for economy class--it's not) was buggy. I had to try three times before I was successful."

Kelebihan: "This was a comfortable flight with nice staff and great food and entertainment choices"
Kekurangan: "No 12 1/2 hour flight can be ideal but this was good deal."

Kekurangan: "When they served satay they didn't ask which I prefer beef satay or chicken one even they asked it to other passengers. After finishing the dinner they took forever to clear a napkin so I couldn't find dinner was finished or not. It was midnight so I wanted to sleep as soon as dinner was finished. When boarding they do security check. It's OK. But why don't they use business class gate even there was the one?"

Kekurangan: "On both flights, i did not get the seats i had specifically booked..."

Kelebihan: "I appreciated the free baggage allowance and the staff were nice, but otherwise they were a huge headache to fly."
Kekurangan: "They changed the times on BOTH of our flights by HOURS, which resulted in me having to buy a ticket with another airline to ensure we wouldn't miss our connecting international flight. Horribly unreliable, will never fly them again. Honestly airAsia was a better experience than with Malaysia Air"

Kekurangan: "No food, No entertainment"

Kelebihan: "On time departure system works"

Kekurangan: "Flight networkintl booked our tickets very late later mistake in name , faces lot of difficulties in boarding every time..."

Kekurangan: "Flight canceled last minute! Lost my connection back home. Still no news about pay back. Had to book another flight on my own expense."

Kekurangan: "Had a transit flight through KL from Colombo to Bali. The luggage was not with me and my friend along with about 7-10 others post arrival in Bali. We received the luggage after losing almost one day eating into our holiday. Minor compensation was given but the inconvenience was far more! This is not the KL to colombo flight but thought i will write it in here as I got this through Kayak"

Kelebihan: "Fare was ok."
Kekurangan: "Ground agent was surly and inefficient. Paying excess bag charge took 15 minutes. Not offered an upgrade. Boarding was ok, in flight ok, as flight was short"

Kelebihan: "The flight was on time"
Kekurangan: "The boarding process was a waste of time"

Kekurangan: "I received an eticket confirmation by email, but when arriving at the airport for checkin, Malaysian airlines did not have the ticket in their system"

Kelebihan: "the girl next to me was flirty"
Kekurangan: "the girl next to me could have offered her number..."

Kelebihan: "No and No! Seat was cramped. Crew was ok"
Kekurangan: "If they weren’t always on the PA. I was trying to read and someone was always talking"

Kekurangan: "The AC created so much smoke that I couldn’t see the stewardess during the safety instructions"

Kelebihan: "All"

Kekurangan: "All good"

Kekurangan: "Would be nice to have entertainment"

Kekurangan: "For some unknown reason, booked this as a self-connecting trip and now my luggage is missing (didn't connect). In addition, they CHECKED IN FOR ME and selected middle seats. I am incredibly unsatisfied with this service and disappointed in my kayak experience as a result."

Kelebihan: "The crew was amazing!"
Kekurangan: "provide accesible wifi"

Kelebihan: "so far so good. no complain."
Kekurangan: "short trip okay . everything great. keep up the good job."

Kelebihan: "good budget airline."
Kekurangan: "seats are very close, legroom is uncomfortable"

Kekurangan: "Very specific about weight of bags"

Kelebihan: "correct priority of boarding respected luggage handling very fast"
Kekurangan: "quality of food"

Kekurangan: "I was charged $183 USD for the same bag that was free on Malaysian airlines. Huge extortion rip off."

Kelebihan: "Nothing. We arrived safe"
Kekurangan: "First of all it left late with no explanation. One hour late. Crew did almost nothing. No food at all unless preordered. Not even awater. Lights out for no reason. It was as t even 7:30 when they dimmed the long guts. Only one bathroom in the back and we never saw someone go forward so we were t sure if there was one in the front. Very tight seats."

Kelebihan: "We arrived safe"
Kekurangan: "Left large with no explanation. Uncomfortable. No entertainment or free food. I mean none"

Kelebihan: "The price is very affordable and flight was very good in take off and landing."
Kekurangan: "Seats was very tight and uncomfortable!!!"

Kelebihan: "Inexpensive flight, attentive crew"

Kekurangan: "Lazy crew"

Kelebihan: "Quick"
Kekurangan: "No food or drinks. But that was expected as we didn’t pay for it"

Kelebihan: "Assistance in check in"
Kekurangan: "After early boarding still wait like 30 min plus seating in plane"

Kelebihan: "we arrived almost half hour ahead of schedule"

Kekurangan: "The short space between seats. Hard to get comfortable without room for knees. Have to pay extra for an aisle even if some are empty. Crew doesn't care."

Kekurangan: "Worst experience. Flight delayed more than 4 hrs and staff. Couldn’t accommodate us. Please make announcement that names must be given to accommodate people if you guys going to place people in such a way. Do not make us wait and finally say no more flight. That’s absurd."

Kekurangan: "Delayed flight"

Kelebihan: "Clean aircraft"
Kekurangan: "Two flights in a row behind schedule ; messed up my vegetarian pre ordered food selections in both flights"

Kelebihan: "Puntualidad"

Kelebihan: "convenient flight times"
Kekurangan: "i hated that there are no human beings in sight. i hate all the machines. i hate that you dont employ people. if you want to give jobs to machines then i what use are you? i would much rather pay more and be greeted by a friendly human face. you are all fools and i will seek other airlines in future"

Kelebihan: "Short inexpensive fligh"
Kekurangan: "Seat rows were very close & limited room."

Kekurangan: "Seating is very uncomfortable."

Kekurangan: "Flight delayed by 2 hours"

Kekurangan: "Crew was not helpful"

Kelebihan: "Awesome services - on the air and on the ground"
Kekurangan: "Can't think of any"

Kekurangan: "Late flight, not enough announcements"

Kelebihan: "The cabin crews were friendly and helpful."
Kekurangan: "Both flights that I boarded got delayed but no assurance or informed by staffs on what time it might take to arrived."

Kelebihan: "very affordable fare"
Kekurangan: "No beverage even water. Bring your own water"

Kekurangan: "Staff."

Kelebihan: "Getting off"
Kekurangan: "No entertainment at all, sat on the back row the toilet smelt pretty bad and I had very little leg room, when the guy in front reclined his chair I had to stand up. Prices for food and drink were pretty good."

Kelebihan: "Good because of direct flight"

Kelebihan: "Had to book with Airasia since its fares were lower compared to the others."
Kekurangan: "Delays delays delays"

Kelebihan: "On time"

Kelebihan: "On time"

Kelebihan: "Arriving safe"
Kekurangan: "Other passengers sneaking more than their carry on limit .Check in staff not allowing this.This caused delay of 30 mins to sort,holding every one up.This happens all the time with Airasia ."

Kekurangan: "It was one hour late"

Kelebihan: "Everything went smoothly on this flight - couldn't ask for more! Checking in at Hong Kong airport was great and fast."
Kekurangan: "Not enough directions signage when arrived in KLIA2."

Kelebihan: "Competitive price, good regional carrier, especially short flights."
Kekurangan: "There were confusion trying to check in before obtaining the boarding pass at the KL airport. After that, everything went well."

Kelebihan: "Flights were on time."
Kekurangan: "All food and drinks were sold at additional cost, not even small snacks or water included in the price of the flight ticket."

Kelebihan: "we got to the destination"
Kekurangan: "rude and unfriendly crew. freezing climate. super cramped seating. and they charge for water. it was a human cattle call. horrible."

Kelebihan: "Hard to complain about a $100 USD flight."
Kekurangan: "KLIA 2 does take some time to get from the entrance to the gate. Once at the gate though the flight was delayed 45 minutes."

Kelebihan: "Nothing special and as expected of the low cost flight"
Kekurangan: "None so far"

Kelebihan: "It was nice to see a vegetarian option on an in flight menu. The vegetarian curry was nice."
Kekurangan: "We arrived a full 2 hours before our flight, as did many other people. Unfortunately, as they only had 2 people working at the check-in desk, we waited in line for over an hour to get checked in. Everyone was telling the staff that we were all at risk of missing our flight (as we still needed to clear security and immigration), however nothing changed. The girls behind the desk seemed genuinely flustered and sorry about the situation, but unfortunately no one else came to support. We made our flight by the skin of our teeth, but it seems that people in line behind us weren't so lucky."

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Langkah keselamatan untuk syarikat penerbangan yang terbang dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi

Syarikat penerbangan yang terbang dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi telah membuat langkah keselamatan tambahan dan menyesuaikan dasar untuk mengakomodasi pelancong dengan lebih baik. Dasar berbeza mengikut syarikat penerbangan.

Sanitasi yang dipertingkatkan

Pembersihan harian, pemasangan penapis HEPA kabin pada penerbangan dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi

Pelitup muka mandatori

Pelitup muka diperlukan di dalam kabin, pelitup muka disediakan bagi penerbangan dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi

Tempat duduk penjarakan fizikal

Tempat duduk tengah tidak tersedia untuk ditempah pada penerbangan dari Johor Bahru$[45113,city,preposition:' to' Langkawi

Ujian pra-penerbangan

Pengujian antibodi, pengujian gejala untuk penerbangan dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi

Tempah penerbangan murah dari Johor Bahru ke Langkawi

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