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FAQs for Booking Kuala Lumpur Intl to Tagbilaran Flights

How long does a flight from Kuala Lumpur Intl to Tagbilaran take?
An average non-stop flight takes 13h 00m, covering a distance of 2564 km.
Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Kuala Lumpur Intl to Tagbilaran?
In the past 3 days, the cheapest return tickets were found on Cebu Pacific (RM 1,600)
Do I need a passport to fly between Kuala Lumpur Intl and Tagbilaran?

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Kuala Lumpur
RM 1,600
RM 1,600
RM 1,600
RM 1,600
Wed, 14 Feb
13h 00m
Sun, 25 Feb
9h 45m
RM 1,600
Trip: 12 days
6.3GoodShow reviews
Overall 6.3 Good
Based on 268 reviews
Good 7.3

The flight was 45 minutes late

Mediocre 2.0

Super delayed.

OK 4.3

Its a shame—Singapore is a first-class city and its people are beautiful; except for one zealous person who made it her goal to ruin Singapore. Cebu Pacific (MNL) required our umbrella to be checked-in without incurring additional expense since it does not make sense to charge us because the umbrella price is way less than the shipping cost. However, Cebu Pacific (SGN) Counter Supervisor was rigid and unprofessional; she wouldn’t listen to reasons and logic. She said that this is SGN and not MNL and therefore, its totally different. She was correct because we were able to go home and security did not say anything about our umbrella. Basically, we do not have to check-in our umbrella in the first place. But the Supervisor was adamant and combative regarding our umbrella. We told her we’ll just throw it in the trash can instead of shipping it.

Excellent 10.0

No fuss,simple budget air travel

Nothing,does the job for a 1 hr flight

Mediocre 3.3

Can't think of anything I liked.

Unforeseen luggage charges that were way too expensive. Would not have flown the airline had I realized they charged for luggage on international flights. The charge was about $150, for the same luggage I brought with me for free on two prior international flights that were part of the same trip, on much better airlines for about the same ticket price. I could have tolerated a charge of $50, but I found $150 to be outrageous. Seats were narrow, legs hit the back of the seat in front. No need for such a configuration, since the flight was only 1/3 full. I won't fly Cebu Pacific again. Congratulations, you lost my business.

Kuala Lumpur Intl to Tagbilaran flight information

Flights arrive in Tagbilaran
Flights depart from Kuala Lumpur Intl
Flight price RM 1,600
Distance 2564 km
Airlines Cebu Pacific
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